IModels Holdings Model : Ariff

imodels holdings

Hi Ariff! Can you do a short introduction of yourself?

Ok. Basically my name is Ariff. My hobbies are playing sports like football and badminton and I currently love Arts. I am working right now as a IT Specialise.

So Ariff, Can you share with us your experiences as a model?

Ok, i worked 3 jobs already. One of them is DBS Bank. One of them is Makota 101. Which is Beijing 101

and the third one is Health Promotion Board.


So Ariff, how do you get to know about us?

Ok, basically i was shopping with my wife at Causeway Point and suddenly a man approached me and saying that he is an agent from IModels Holdings. And he basically give us this white card. And, So…I told my wife why not i give it a shot.

So Ariff, how do you feel when you were approached by I Models Holdings?

It is actually quite a mixed feeling. I am quite happy yet shocking because I can’t believe that actually an agency came to me and approached me to ask whether i want to become a model.

So Ariff, do you initially think that we were a scam?

At first I thought it was but after looking at all the reviews… I think back why not just give it a shot. So, ya, basically you have to be confident. So that the client will, want you. So, no confident means the client will not have confident in you for the shooting.

So Ariff, what are some modelling tips that you have?

Okay actually, number one is Confidence. Basically you need to be confident. To shoot in front of the camera. So that you will have no fears. Okay, second is Punctuality. No matter what you will have to be early. Because if not you will give a bad impression. To yourself and also the agency. Third is, no matter what, always give your best. Because, if not, then what’s the point of doing this job right.

So Ariff, what was the most memorable job you did?

To me the most memorable job was the Makota 101, which was the Beijing 101. Because basically, is a different exposure. I am more exposed to the public. I met all the different artists. okay, errm… And is more, a bit of a feeling where you have to be more… Confident. More confident than usual. And… Ya, i like the free treatment given to me. And… Ya, is from there where i get well recognised by my friends and families.

So Ariff, do you have any concerns before joining us?

Actually ya. At first I thought it was a scam after reviewing it online. Basically, it’s a mixed feelings. There are good and bad points. I thought I will never get chosen. So.. But basically, after all, as the time goes by I got 3 jobs. And, eventually it will make you think is not a scam and it changes your perspective of modelling. Especially on IModels Holdings .

Ariff, what do you think of the people here in I Models Holdings?

Okay, I think they are professionals. They are easy to communicate with. So if you have any time constraint you can tell them. And they will give you the best timing for you to do shooting. And ya Very good.

So Ariff, is there anything you’d like to add?

Okay, basically if you are confident enough and you know you can do it as a freelance model I suggest you go for it. Basically, this thing (modelling) gives me more exposure. More experience. What is like to be as a model. Is not easy as you think it is. And i like the earning of extra cash.