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Here is what ‪‎Raphael have shared about ‪‎iModelsHoldings‬.

Is iModelsHoldings Scam? 


How did you join the agency?

Ans: I happened to be walking at Bugis and i was approached 4 times by the same person, so i decided to give it a shot.

Why Modeling?

Ans: Being adventurous, I like to try new things. Modelling to me is both new and exciting. And can you guess what happen next? I joined iModelsHoldings‬.

What was the most memorable job?

Ans: I was given a chance to play a part in a Japanese Tv commercial at Marina Bay Sands Skypark as a body send in for a Japanese Boy Band. The boy band was snap and they were very friendly. I even got to shake one of their hands. So it was a cool experience.

What are the tips that you can share?

Ans: Okay, first, don’t be late. And if you don’t get projects, don’t be dishearten. Lastly, make the most out of your portfolios.


Dear Raphael, “Thank you so much for sharing your abundance checks!

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